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Guide your space ship through the space maze safely by avoiding all the obstacles and traps. You have to reach the yellow square base before the time runs out to proceed to the next level. There are plenty of extra points, time bonuses and power-ups for you along the way. Be wise in collecting the power-ups as some are useful and some are not.
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 48 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
The aim is to help this lazy bum collect the coins and dollar bills dropped on the road risking his life in the heavy downtown traffic. You have to protect him from getting crushed below speeding vehicles and also escape the police. Grab as much money as you can.
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 44 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
You aim is to help Pacman fix his car and reach the convention in time. During the quest, eat the energy pills as you move along. Move closer to the different items in the game to get a description about them, but don't forget to avoid those classic enemies of Pacman. The Ghosts...There are many hidden surprises in store for you. So get ready for a fascinating adventure. Good Luck!
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 59 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
The aim is to collect all the bombs planted around the world and prevent our planet earth from turning into ashes. During your quest you will encounter many dangerous enemies, avoid them at all cost to accomplish your mission and move on to the next level.
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 56 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
The aim is to guide the little blob through various levels and collect all the red stars to proceed to the next level. Make sure you protect the unarmed blob from its enemies at all cost. Climb up or down the ladders strategically to avoid the enemies as you can't jump over them. Collect the bonus stars to gain extra points.
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 45 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
You're a young monkey, trying to find your way back home after escaping from a hunter's cage who tried to kidnap you. You will encounter numerous enemies along the way, including gorillas, hunters, tribal people and other monkeys. Eat the bananas to fill your poop meter and climb the vines to avoid the enemies. Shoot all the enemies to proceed further and avoid getting hit at all cost or you will die ...
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 10 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
The classic arcade game "Bubble Bobble" returns back in this flash remake, with great style and new features. This is an excellent adventure game suitable for the whole family to sit around and play. Welcome to the amazing world of little dragons and bubbles. As many of you might already know, in this game you play as a little dragon and explore the different levels protecting yourself from various ...
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 11 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
The aim of this strategy game is to score the maximum points by hitting a large ball around a field and break the colorful blocks in the least possible shots, in order to proceed to the next level. But be careful as there are many land mines around and if you touch them you will lose health. The more blocks or balls you hit in one single shot, the more points you will score. Also avoid falling into ...
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 55 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
This is the fourth version of this challenging game where you have to hit a white metal ball around the field, destroy the colorful blocks and collect the golden balls. Avoid falling into the traps and hitting the explosives or you will lose a life. Try to hit as many blocks and golden balls in one shot, to gain the maximum points. Collect the extra bonus points to improve your overall score.
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 52 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
This is a challenging game where you control a green button and help it survive in the world of colorful buttons. Some buttons are harmless while some are fatal. So you have to be careful and avoid the bad buttons.
Adaugat: 25 Ian 2011 | 45 vizite (ultimele 30 zile)
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